Лампа для рептилий Repti Glo 10.0, Exo-Terra

Lamp for desert reptiles, creates intense UVB radiation, similar to conditions in the desert. Such conditions are most suitable for reptiles accustomed to the hot climate.

Reptiles in the desert receive a high level of UVB radiation due to the small amount of clouds, low humidity, lack of plants or trees to create shade. The high level of UVB radiation is suitable for the proper absorption of calcium and the production of vitamin D3. UVA radiation stimulates appetite and the instinct of reproduction.

Exo-Terra Reptile UVB150 is a series of compact UV lamps for desert terrariums. It is represented by two models with power 13 and 26 W.

Standard E27 base.

For the most efficient operation of Exo-Terra Reptile UVB lamps, it is recommended to use them together with the Exo-Terra Light Dome lamp.

The radius of action of radiation is 50 cm.

In assortment:

lamp 13 W

lamp 26 W

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It is recommended for use in shielded terrariums and terrariums with opaque ventilation grilles (screens can not pass a significant part of ultraviolet B).

Exo Terra, Hagen, Canada